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2019:APC Presidential ticket, cabal plans option-B



                 *Unable to get firm assurance from Buhari despite purchased solidarity calls all over Nigeria

                  *Vows to cage/block El-Rufai/Amaechi’s discreet ploy


ABUJA-The Presidential Cabal in the villa at Present seem as confused as  thousands of the APC members nationwide who are till date not certain if Buhari would throw in his heart in to the 2019 ring or not and are said to be  plotting for an alternate game plan tagged Plan B.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja confirmed that the Cabal in the Presidency is at confused state presently following their inability to get a firm and concrete assurance that he (Buhari) would go for the 2019 Presidential Elections and this despite repeated attempts to get a firm assurance has put the once confident cabal in a state of absolute confusion.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the cabal which is headed by the senior Cousin to the President Mamman Duara  and having the chief of Staff to the President as its confidential and operational Secretary  is said to be terribly in a confused state as all entreaties to the President to give a firm confirmation has been difficult despite the avalanche of sycophants, hired goons, emissaries and sycophantic  Nigerians mobilized for a none stop call on the President to go for a second term.

This none Presidential committal is said to have pushed the cabal to start a plan B and this commenced in the seat of Power two days ago during a meet of the inner members of the Cabal who were said to have sort for a pliable candidate to foist on the country using their hold on the INEC chairman whose appointment was said to be on the recommendation of the Cabal.

Already, the Cabal is said to be vehemently opposed to the ticket and plot of the Kaduna State Governor and Rotimi  Amaechi  who the cabal see as having an ulterior agenda of taking over the APC ticket in the dying minutes once the President opt out of contesting either on health ground or for any reason.

According to the Cabal, El- Rufai is not to be trusted with power as his allegiance is to himself and that such figure s are difficult to engage with in any form of agreement/liaison/planning without hitting the betrayal button in the dying minutes as was the case with Atiku, Obasanjo and Yar, Adua three of whom made the Kaduna state Governor the man he is today in the country.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that every attempt is been put in place to hijack the little control El-Rufai wields among the Governors with the simple intent of putting him in his position.

The Cabal who are plotting to meet early next week in the Presidential Villa  with the sole aim of picking their plan B candidate in case the President opt out of the plot to force him despite his reluctance to take the 2nd term pills.

Attempts by Daily Watch to speak with the President Media boys on this new development was not possible as almost all as usual are reluctant to comment on issues that has the name of the cabal linked to it.


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