2019: The ‘war’ chess game begins as mass arrest, frame ups and harassment top key strategy



           *Buhari’s government sets for maximum offensive

          *DSS, EFCC, police given the green light to implement Maxim X

           *As Cabal push for Obasanjo’s arrest over Power loots.

Muhammadu Buhari

ABUJA-With a final meeting in Abuja days ago  full blown war for 2019 whistle seem to have been blown as the President kitchen cabinet and the Cabal has finally given the green light to the DSS, the Police and the EFCC to commence full implementation of the war code name Maxim X.

Maxim X according to Daily Watch findings is a secret Document drawn several Months back by some Political cum security experts said to have been commissioned by the Presidential, caucus and the cabal to neutralize all serious Political opponents and instill immense fears and panic among the Nigerian politician with the simple aim of putting the majority on their toes such that they would have little or no time to remember their fight to oppose the President 2nd term plot and bid.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that several Nigerians both in the diverse Political Parties across the country whose phones lines have been bugged and their lifers investigated would be seeing the Police, EFCC and  the DSS soon while many others without any blemishes traced to them should be prepared for frame ups, funny confessions from thieves, thugs, Shiites members and Headsmen.

In the Maxim X thesis page ten item six it is clearly stated that those without blemish but who would be serious critics and obstacle to the President 2nd term bid should be framed using some arrested headsmen, Shiites demonstrators, thugs etc to name and nail them such that before they would fight to extricate themselves from the embarrassment and disgrace the elections would have come and gone and they would have no time or  moral standing to even go against the President as they would be rubbished with the phrase of fighting back for been exposed.

Already according to Daily Watch findings in Abuja just days ago, the final unleashing of the Maxim X action plan is to commence in a matter of Weeks and that would see several arrest  of many a politicians across party lines, civil society and critical writers and journalists but with a thing in common, opposing  and Criticizing the President for diverse corruption related cases some dated several years back, arrest  based on confession of thugs arrested with arms  like the Dino Malaye’s treatment, arrest for Murder based on certain Confession like the Shehu Sani’s named confessor drama and police invitation in Kaduna etc.

Already stories are flying of the Nigerian Army  gallantly arresting killers in Benue war zone, killers who before now were not seen by the army and recently names of some Live Stock guards who were appointed by the state Government to implement the State Anti Grazing laws are been mentioned as the killers as against the Headsmen and Mayetti Allah’s khoe group which the State government has named and spoken as having evidences against.

Daily watch findings confirmed that a tentative list of all so far to be harassed, arrested and intimidated for  phony and genuine cases has been drafted awaiting the pressing of the red light to herald the swing of Operation Maxim X.

Soon these many arrests would be mentioned as naming many Politicians who they don’t know, never met as sponsors for which several arrest and investigations would commence like the Dino’s strange Police hounding.

Attempts also to confirm from the inner Circle of the security apparatchiks of the DSS,  if the planned suggested arrest of ex- President Obasanjo for corruption and a direct probe/ expose of rot and loot in the Power and fertilizer sectors  that was discreetly probed by this administration as pushed for by the cabal was accepted.

Daily Watch Attempts also to reach out to the DSS and police on Maxim x expose was not possible and series of text messages on these fears, intended intimidation and arrests sent to the President media team for their response was also not answered as at the time of going to press.



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