2019: Miyiti Allah mobilizes thousands for Benue, Kogi Elections

FILE PHOTO: Boko Haram fighters
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*As over ten thousand foreigners got PVC in Benue and Kogi through INEC Collaboration

That the Miyiti Allah members in Nigeria are seriously desperate to remove the Benue state Governor from his exalted position in collaboration with the Presidency, APC and INEC is no more news neither is it news that the APC Governorship candidate despite series of denial has received huge financial war chest from the Herders to help in his campaign.

But what seem to be top secret In the high tech collaboration between the Presidency, herders and INEC to help beef the Voting strength of the Miyiti Allah members in Benue and Kogi state with the shocking but secret registration of over ten thousand Foreigners in the Country Voter register for Kogi and Benue state respectively.

Daily Watch sources confirmed that during the last voters registration exercise in the Country, the Presidency, INEC and a notable Senator from Benue state secretly  and cleverly registered several foreign nationals  from Several other African Countries with the intent of getting them the PVC card to use for voting in both Kogi and Benue state to help push the APC’s Candidates fovourable and amenable to the herders into Power in the two states.

Daily Watch Sources has it that a total of over ten thousand names(Foreigners)were  placed in the list of registered Voters in Kogi and Benue so as to help the voting figures from these foreigners who are speaking the same languages as the herders to pave way for an APC friendly administration that would help abrogate the much talked about anti grazing law in Benue and also push up the present Kogi governor whom the herders called “Herders Friendly Governor” for supporting the herders above the people of the state..sets of Foreigners are said to have all collected their PVC’s waiting in the fringe with the intent to move in into Kogi and Benue during the elections in loaded vehicles some two three days o the Elections so as to cast their votes seamlessly.

Series of attempts by Daily Watch to speak with the INEC Commissioners in Kogi and Benue State of the discreet registration of over ten thousand foreigners of the same dialects with the herders in Benue and Nigeria in General was not possible as at press time.




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