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2019: Grand plot to rope Atiku with herdsmen killings

Atiku Abubakar


*As several herdsmen allegedly  touched to implicate Atiku

*More APC Chieftians awaiting Atiku picking of PDP ticket before moving

Atiku Abubakar

ABUJA-The battle for 2019 seem set for a terrible directions in the series of meetings ongoing in the past three days in Abuja eventually played out as planned,

Daily Watch Sources in the DSS confirmed that a serious plot  is on advanced stage by the DSS and other Security agencies to go after one of the Presidential aspirant of the People Democratic Party in the person of Atiku Abubakar following fears that he is the most serious threat to the Buhari 2nd term bid. According to the Sources, the game plot I to get the ex- Vice President on the hot seat by bringing out several Fulani speaking herdsmen to testify to the fat that they were paid by the Ex Vice President to carry out some of the violence that has and still ongoing in the middle belt.

According to the sources ,the over twenty herdsmen are presently been housed by the DSS and tutored on their confessional statements in Fulani languages with which the arrest and final dymistification of the PDP frontliner would be totally embarrassed and disgraced,

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the plot to  go after Atiku is said to have been hatched Several Weeks back when the APC leaders led by Galadima pulled out to form the rAPC which is said to be firmly in the pocket of Atiku as almost all the key members of the rAPC are said to be routing for Atku and thi is said to be giving the Presidency grey hairs as it is feared that Atiku might be too powerful if allowed to remain without blemishes after the planted stories been wanted in the USA for fraud refused to fly.

Investigations also confirmed that several  investigations both locally and internationally to get dust to rope in Atiku faled and the Presidency and its political caucus opted for the herdsmen angle which except for any last minute change of plans would be unveiled to Nigerians soonest.

Daily Watch Sources Confirmed that the umbrella body of the Mayitti Allah Breeders are privy to the plot which is to destroy Atiku to whom several of the MACBEN leaders and Northerners are also not comfortable with over his stance of restructuring which has endeared him to most political leaders in the South South,South East,South West and the Middle belt and many a politicians-in the APC waiting to move as soon as the PDP ticket is certainly in the hands of Abubakar Atiku’.

Daily watch attempts to get the views of the DG of the DSS on this grand plot which is placed on the door step of the DSS and some other security agencies was not possible as at the time of going to press.




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