2019: Burutu Fed.Constituency: I have not finished my assignment, consider me, Enekorogha urges Orubebe, others – Enekorogha

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Franc Enekorogha

BURUTU: National Assembly hopeful, Rt. Hon. Franc Enekorogha has assured the people of Burutu Federal Constituency of his rescue mission and readiness to change the narrative when elected to represent the constituency in the Green Chambers at Abuja, saying he has not finished his assignment for Burutu people as he appealed to former Niger Delta minister, Deacon, God;sday Orubebe and  other stakeholders in Burutu LGA  for their support.


Enekorogha who made the declaration at the weekend in Ogbogbagbene when he paid a consultative visit to Elder God’sday Orubebe, former Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, noted that ‘‘Law making business is not an all comers affairs’’  and urged the people of Burutu to think wisely while choosing a federal lawmaker to avoid the mistake the constituency is facing at the moment by allowing elements to hijack the mandate from them and use it without meaningful impact, since after the 2015 election till date.

His words‘‘I have not finished my works, just like Jesus Christ, I have not finished the works I am supposed to do. I think, I still need to go there for the people. I have convinced myself that I still need to go there, but of course, it is not something I can decide on my own, I need everybody. Even though God decides, the decision of God comes through people” he said.

Rt. Hon Enekorogha speaking further, opined that his calling is lawmaking. He  gave a brief account of his stewardship which included tangible variable developmental projects across various wards of Burutu Federal Constituency, active participation in lawmaking in the House of Representatives and effective involvement in oversight functions. He unveiled what informed his decision to contest the seat in 2011 and subsequently 2015 while reminiscing how some persons through undemocratic means played out a script to the detriment of the entire people in Burutu Federal Constituency for their self-interest in 2015 and that the constituency is now facing the stark reality.


‘‘The product of what played out in the 2015 election and the resultant effect is still fresh, but perhaps it is a lesson learnt. God wanted to establish something for people to see by allowing that to happen and we now see the difference, the lacuna and hiatus created now is obvious”. He told PDP leaders Rt. Hon Enekorogha has reiterated that, ‘‘National Assembly is not a place where people go to play or add up to the numbers, its a place where people take decisions on National issues affecting yourself and your people, where decisions on issues affecting the Nation, the economy of the Nation, the political setting of this Nation and what ordinarily, the face of the Nation will look like in the international community, are made, and as a legislator, you must be present and participate in such processes to protect the interest of your people along side  national interest.’’

He said, ‘‘In the midst of the competition we have, you cannot be a passive listener  in the floor of the House but an active contributor to also contribute your quota in moving the Nation forward, because the laws made in the National Assembly bind every body in the Country”.


“I have not finished my works I am supposed to do and I have convinced myself that I still need to be there, but I need people to achieve that. You are a National figure, the history of this Nation cannot be complete without mention of your name at one point or the other; without you been cited as someone who spoke the mind of the people at a time it was most needed.”


Rt. Hon Enekorogha had maintained that Elder God’sday Orubebe is a rare breed and one of the finest breed of leaders who can look into the eyes of a man without sentiment and tell such a man his wrong.


“Sentiment is one of the hydra heads that needs to be dealt with in our polity, many of us in this Nation are ruled by sentiment and personally, I think, we have gone past the era of sentiment. We have come to a critical state where we need to make those critical decision and if we  do not make those decisions now, I do not think our children will forgive us”. To be a legislator, there are critical questions one needs to ask: whether you want to be a legislator to acquire wealth or go there because people are going there or you go there, because you think, you have to go there for yourself? he said.






Rt. Hon Enekorogha further stressed that, politics is to enable us deliver service to our people, noting that sovereignty belongs to the people who donate power of attorney to an elected representative through their votes, to use their collective sovereignty on their behalf.




“If you donate power to an insolent, he will exhibit insolence on your behalf, if you donate power to an indolent who is incapable, he will exhibit indolence and incapability on your behalf, if you donate power to an arrogant fellow, he will exhibit such arrogance on your behalf, it goes on and on but if you donate power to a man who listens and is humble, he will give such humility and listening ear in the discharge of his duty”.


Today, the time of sentiment is over and we must take critical steps and make critical decisions to salvage the days ahead. I need your support not to go there and amass wealth but to consolidate on the firm foundation l had laid for the benefit of the people because, I live with the people. If you go to Burutu now, I am the only resident politician there. We have come to plead with you because you are one person that people listen to when you speak and depend on as an authority. Therefore, we appeal to you to give us support as a critical factor, actor and player in this course whose contributions can never be ignored.






In his brief speech, the former Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Elder God’sday Orubebe thanked the team for particularly keeping faith in him and noted that Rt. Hon Enekorogha is a very good, disciplined and principled man that himself can vouch for. “I know Hon Enekorogha’s capability, strength, zeal, what he can do and not. He is a good man, my doors are always open for him. We have come a long way. I will not hold back whatever I need to do to help change the narrative for the better”, he said.






He further advised that, God is the ultimate and most supreme, therefore, he should hold onto God that, every other man may fail or deceive him but God will not fail and deceive him. He prayed that the heart of the electorate and decisions of those in authority be taken to favor  Enekorogha in the political cours





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