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2019: Buhari unfit to return to the villa-Arewa Youth Forum (AYF)

Muhammadu Buhari


  • Buhari should be held responsible for the killings all over the Country


The Arewa Youth Forum has come out vehemently to opposed any attempt or combined attempts to support or vote Buhari up for the 2091 presidential polls


The Group which came out blazing hot because of  the killings that has made Nigeria a laughing stock all over the world with the many and unstoppable excuses of the Buhari’s administration has vehemently warned that Buhari must never be elected for a 2nd term to the highest office of the land as he would led Nigeria to its final crumble if allowed.

The Group who spoke through their President Gambo Gulunga,described the President and most of those around him as absolute failures in every aspect of the Nigerian state and people who are only filled with deceit and lies to cover their abysmal failure.

The Group who cited the killings ongoing all over the Country by herdsmen as a case in point and described the very many  reasons and excuses given by the administration for the killings as disgraceful starting from Libyan trained mercenaries through to grazing laws and route and finally now Politicians been the sponsors as lies from the depth of a wicked soles as if they were actually Politicians and known to President Buhari and his Security why it has taken this long to arrest them rather than shouting it out to deceive Nigerians and then looking later  for people to frame.

The group chronicled the many deceit and failed promises of the Buhari APC led Government which have remained what it was almost four years into the administration and counseled Nigerians to vote against Buhari,

The Group who described their call as nothing to do with the APC or the PDP but borne out of genuine concern for the way the country is going aground confirmed that the country would embrace its doom if Buhari is allowed to carry on as he is a monumental failure.

They Counseled Nigerians with the fact that they are several qualified and better educated candidates to mount the leadership position of the President of Nigeria than Buhari who has in every aspect showed that he is not capable and a failure.

According to Gambo “’they claimed  that the killers herdsmen are sponsored by Politicians as against the several excuses of Grazing route,Libyan trained men,grazing laws,retaliatory yet not one of these Politicians they so claimed since they know them have been arrested or prosecuted for the killings that is tearing the country apart”.






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