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2019: Battle of two Islamic giants as Saudi Arabia backs APC, doles out billions as Iran supports PDP

Atiku Abubakar and Muhammadu Buhari

*Saudi wants continuation and the attack and persecution if not obliteration of the Shiites in Nigeria.

*Iran wants a new administration that would guarantee freedom for all religion, sect .

The 2019 seemed to be taking a firm life of its own even within the Islamic words as two of the world not powerful Islamic Nations seemed to be taking opposite direction in the support of their sect in the 2019 elections if the details of meetings international discuss is anything to write home about.

Daily Watch findings and as exposed several weeks back has it that while the Saudi government since 2014 has a standing agreement with the APC  which led to the doling out of several billions to the APC before the 2015 general elections the situation this time around seemed to be dicey.

Dicey in the sense that the government of Iran which was before the 2015 elections seemed unconcern about events in Nigeria has decicded to become a firm party in the coming 2019 elections following the worsening fate of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria Popularly called the Shiites.

The Iranian Revolutionary Republic is presently said to be angered over the consistent  attack by the Buhari Government against the IMN which it now sees as not just a deliberate ploy to kill the IMN in Nigeria but a agenda of the Saudi in collaboration with the APC led Government on Nigeria prior to the 2015 elections .

To this end the Iranian government is Presently said to be sorting the attention of the PDP and the Atiku Abubakar Campaign team for financial assistance said to be running into Several billions of Nigeria with the proviso that the Islamic Movement of Nigeria popularly called the Shiites must be allowed to co exist with other religious groupings in the Country unlike the trend now where the group is been emasculated and their leader incarcerated indefinitely by the APC led Government headed by Mohammadu Buhari on what the alleged to be a Saudi Arabia  advised attack on the pro -Iranian Islamic group ,the Shiites whose leader till date is in perpetual detention despite several court rulings asking for his release and compensations paid to which the APC led Government has effused to obey in what some analyst and the Iranians  described as  an agenda from Saudi who are said to be a major sponsor of the APC in the 2015 elections and the coming 2019 elections in exchange for the emasculation of the Shiites group.

Daily Watch Sources has it that the Iranian Government therefore is frantically Sourcing for ways to be at par with the PDP Presidential candidate in terms of finance and otherwise in exchange for freedom for the Shiites to practice their Islamic belief like every other religious groups in Nigeria

While Daily Watch cannot for now confirmed if the Iranian government via their agents has gotten the ears of the PDP candidate come 2019 that of the APC has totally been settled as the party is set to received several billions in Political support fund from the Saudi Government to the APC led Mohmmadu Buhari government in exchange for the persecution and total emasculation of the IMN (the Shiites).

Attempts by Daily Watch to speak with the Nigerian Minister for Information over the Suspected Saudi Arabia’s symbiotic affinity with the Buhari led Government in terns of Finncial Sponsorship and the Shiites movement was not possible  as at Press time.





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