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2018: Budget of deceit and excessive padding



          *I am totally embarrassed at Buhari-Senator Ben Bruce


ABUJA-The 2018 budget proposals sent to the National assembly is still generating severe knocks and criticism as checks on the document showed shocking display of unrivalled plots, plans and intent to loot the nation totally bare.

Daily watch had before now came out with diverse shocking appropriation allocated to strange headings in the 2018 budget that even elementary accounting kids would not commit like a repetitive allocations of several billions to the same project or subject issue in three, four or five diverse ways’.

The dishonest way the Budget is made has not only draws the angst of the Senators but proved that the Buhari administration is truly not living to his words of accountability and anti corruption that it preaches every other day.

This much budgetary dishonesty was also confirmed by no other person but Senator Ben Bruce representing Bayelsa East in the Senate. according to the honorable Senator the 2018 budget appropriation  sent to the National assembly is a highly scandalous, dishonest and shameful document simply meant to loot the nation bare.’

In his own words ‘the 2018 budget is so dishonest, so scandalous, so shameful that I am embarrassed for President Mohammadu Buhari. If I were president I will gather all those involved in the budget  a stroke of the cane”’

The Senator angst with the budget stems from the several duplication of same projects in different  headings with different budgetary allocations and in other cases outright  and shocking inflation of allocations to projects.

For example the Budget office earmarked 4.9 billion naira for annual Electrical Maintenance in the Presidential Villa alone is making one to wonder the actual cost of Electrification of the Villa if a whooping 4.9 billion is going to be used for mere electrical maintenance.

The same is the allocation of 2,2 billion earmarked for a supposed DSS Social Media Mining Suite God knows what that means and another 1.14 billion Naira  proposed for just clearing and fumigation of the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA) in the same Government that is said to be seriously fighting corruption.

This type of funny allocations is found all over the budget Proposals, where you don’t see the same projects repeated three, four and at times five  times in different locations with different nomenclature and several millions allocated to it.

And how the Senate and House of Representative would paddle over this gridlock of Budget Deceit and potential loot would be known in the days ahead but Daily Watch Certainly would keep Nigerians certainly informed as situations unfolds.



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