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$1billion approval to fight Boko Haram: IYC demands same fund for N/Delta




Barr. Pereotubo Oweilaemi


WARRI- The Ijaw youths council (IYC) world-wide has said the federal government approval of $1billion  to fight already defeated Boko Haram sects is suspicious, therefore, the organization demanded huge capital for the development of Niger Delta, the rejected region that produces the source of capital with her rich natural oil wealth.


National President of the Ijaw youths Council (IYC) Barr. Oweilaemi Pereoyubo said in a press statement made available to Daily Watch, ‘‘The unilateral approval of $1b by President Mohammadu Buhari to combat Boko Haram without recourse to legislative approval means that the Government can also unilaterally approved money for the Niger Delta developmental plan. If the executive arm can on its own volition approve such amount of money to prosecute the much toutedly defeated Boko Haram sects then we see no reason why Niger Delta region should not be gotten lion share of the slush funds.


‘‘There is no justification for the release of such funds to combat Boko Haram sects who the Government has declared being defeated. Though no sacrifice is too much in securing lives and property in the Country, our concern is the use of one billion dollars to fight the terrorists the FG has once celebrated to have been defeated.


‘‘Is there anything that the FG is not telling Nigerians? IYC smelled a rat in this shoddy plan to spend the taxpayers’ money on this fruitless venture. To us in the Niger Delta region, the money said to be approved by the President for the Boko Haram crisis is a smokescreen. There is more to it than meet the ordinary eyes.’’ He said.


According to the IYC National President ‘‘President Buhari should use the money to address other critical sectors in the Country. In the Niger Delta, we have several projects littered in the region that are begging for the Government’s attention. The growing silence on the part of the FG constitutes more threats to peace in this Country. The Ogoni clean-up exercise is still a mirage; the Escravos Gas City project has been tactically abandoned by this Government. The FG is owing NDDC with billions of naira.


‘‘The Government can revive the moribund deep sea ports and dockyards in Burutu and other coastal towns in the region. The coastal highway road project awarded by the Yar’Adua Government needs $1b for its take off. The East West Road is still begging for completion. These are projects that will not only generate income to the Government, they will also guarantee peace in the region thereby boosting the economy.


‘‘IYC therefore call on Mr. President to immediately approve the needed funds for the implementation of the Niger Delta development masterplan. This is one of the cardinal conditions for peace in the region. Approving money to fight some defeated terrorists, while leaving the region that required such money more than any other sector did not only leaves one in doubt but it will also open the old wounds of restiveness in the Niger Delta.’’ He noted.





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