15 migrants die in boat off Libyan coast

File photo: Reuters
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Libya continues to be a major transit point for African migrants hoping to reach Europe for greener pastures.



15 migrants are reported to have died in a boat off the Libyan coast, Reuters reports quoting an Egyptian survivor.


The survivor was quoted by Reuters as saying tat “We were 25 migrants on a boat … We set off from (the western Libyan town of) Sabratah and we were at sea for 12 days without food and water.”

hoping to reach Europe for greener pastures.

Since Moammar Gaddafi’s overthrow as leader of Libya, the country has become a hub for slave trade.

Some migrants are often abused and enslaved by people who pretend to assist them cross the Mediterranean.

The United Nations migration agency said more than 1,000 migrants have been reported dead or missing in the Mediterranean this year, while an unknown number perish in the desert.

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