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100 days in office: Burutu council boss commissions projects amidst jubilation, thanksgiving service


Burutu LGA council Chairman, Hon. Godknows Angele commissioned projects amidst jubilation in Burutu in his first 100 days in office, 2nd left Hon. Godknows Angele, Vice Chairman Hon Chief Conbolous K. Ikisa, (middle) Paramount traditional ruler of Seimbiri kingdom HRM, Charles Ayemi-Botu and other top PDP stalwarts,



BURUTU- Chairman of Burutu Local Government area, Hon. Godknows Angele commissioned several projects in his 100 days in office amidst inter-denominational thanksgiving service and jubilation for exposing the secret of the past council chairmen sharp practice by perpetually turning the council in darkness and abandonment over the years.


The residents in Burutu, including men, women and the youths as well as members/leaders of the people democratic party converged in the inter-denominational thanksgiving service of the council chairman successful first 100 days in office.

The inter-denominational thanksgiving service was coordinated by various pastors with prayers and praise/worship songs, dancing in honour for God to have allowed a God fearing man to rule as council chairman.

The council Chairman while addressing the audience, emphasized that ‘‘I was most worried seeing Burutu headquarter appeared like a deserted area with nothing to show for it. I said, it is time to prove them wrong that we can use the resources of the council to beautify  the council headquarter as well as  the communities under Burutu to make life meaningful for them.  That was how despite the scarce resources at our disposal, the pain  is so burning in my heart to create a record, we were able to put all these projects we are about to commission here in a short period. We are not council civil servants”

In their separate goodwill messages on the Chairman, the eldest man of Burutu community, Pa. Vincent Ekemieyefa, Josep Ziakegha, Burut community Chairman, Barr. Ekpese Benedict, Comrade Ebipade Pondi, Mrs Georgina Evah,  Mr.Tuodore Richard also spoke in the  same tune have expressed gratitude to God and to the council Chairman, Hon. Godknows Angele for bringing the glory back to the council area with massive projects commissioning in just 100 days assumption of office. They prayed for him for God’s guidance and protection to enable him administer the council area with wisdom and in good health throughout his tenure.

The Burutu community chairman Mr. Joseph Ziakegha was hard on the immediate past council Chairman Chief Ebikeme Clark, son of the leader of Niger Delta Chief E.K Clark who described him as one who brought total darkness, pain and sorrow to the council area throughout his tenure.

His words, ‘‘Burutu has not had it well in many years like Hon. Godknows Angele who has brought light to the council area. Burutu has been in darkness, pain and sorrow under the immediate past council Chairman Chief Ebikeme Clark. But Mr. Godknows Angele is like our saviour who came and supplied the entire community light through the council generating plant. Our phones are now safe. Before now, we used to take our phones to far distance to pay and charge which many got missing. But today, our phones are safe and secured as we charge them in our houses. We are enjoying light everywhere and provision of other social amenities’’ he eulogized the council boss.

The council boss assured the people of Burutu LGA that his admiration would embark on more capital projects across all communities before his tenure expires. He tasked communities to put good use of the projects with proper maintenance. He said that it is one thing to execute projects for local dwellers while another thing to keep a good maintenance culture.

When asked during a press chat, whether the council boss intended to deceive his political leaders and good people of Burutu with these massive projects in 100 days only and hide under these projects to loot the council treasury?

Angele replied ‘‘I am not here to loot council fund. I have a big journey in politics and this is my starting point to create a good record. I am not here to deceive anybody. It is my burning desire to take development to the communities in Burutu LGA’’

The council Chairman mandated the Paramount traditional ruler of Sembiri kingdom, HRM Charles Ayemi-Botu  to administer the commissioning procedure on behalf of the council.

Some of the key projects commissioned by HRM majesty Charles Ayemi-Botu are; renovation of the council secretariat complex to create conducive and functional work environment for career civil servants and political class, renovation of the Chairman’s and vice Chairman’s quarters, renovation of the seaside pavilion, renovation and provision of medical equipment to the primary health care center, Burutu, donation of sports equipment to Burutu youths for sporting activities and others.





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