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Ambode moves creates confusion, panic in APC, Tinubu’s Camp

Tunibu and Ambode

    *Bluntly refused Bola Tinubu’s order to get out billions from Lagos accounts for APC Gov campaigns.

   *Suspected to be plotting for last minute deal with Agbaji.

 Tension is said to have swallowed the APC and Bola Tinubu in Lagos state after their wild jubilation and caging of the  governor in the Primaries that saw the godfather using all  of the Party in Lagos and Abuja to hand twist the governor to notonly accept defeat but swallowed his pride a remain in the APC to avoid beenimpeached.

Daily watch findings in Lagos has it that no one in the APC can exactly read the mind or game plot of Chief Ambode as heseemed to be keeping all his aces to his chest with every other person justguessing.

Daily watch Sources has it that the Executive Governor of Lagos though has openly confessed to supporting and working for the APC candidate picked by Bola Tinubu, he is still seen as uncommitted to the ticket as he has refused all directive and orders by the godfather of APC in Lagos Bola Tinubu for him to re jig Lagos account and cough out several Billions for the APC Governorship candidates campaigns with the simple excuse that he is not the owner of Lagos state accounts and can’t just dip his hands to give money to the Party’s Candidate.

Already several Meet has been held by the godfather on what and how to handle the Ambode’s problem as he is even now been accused by the Tinubu’s group as working for the PDP governorship  candidate and plotting to move ship to the PDP at the dying minutes.

While Ambode and his very limited supporters haveconsistently denied this assertions his none  involvement andlackadaisical approach to affairs of the APC in the state seemed to be creating intense fears and worries among the Tinubu’s ardent supporters.

Attempt by Daily Watch to reach out to the Lagos state helmsman on the allegations of wanting to port to the PDP in the dying minutes was not Possible as at Press time




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